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Epstein Barr Virus Services  (est 1998)

glandular fever treatmentclick here to send a summary of your epstein barr virus (EBV) health history for initial comments 

Epstein Barr Virus Help Services could be worth contacting if any of the below are indicated:

Epstein Barr virus recurrence and reactivation; Epstein Barr virus relapse; Epstein Barr virus and m.e; Epstein Barr virus and chronic fatigue; Epstein Barr virus and post viral fatigueEpstein-Barr virus and glandular fever troubles; Epstein Barr virus in older adults; on-going Epstein Barr virus; Epstein Barr virus on-going fatigue; EBV help

It would be helpful to contact Epstein Barr virus help services if:

  • you need practical help and support to manage your energies after Epstein Barr virus (or glandular fever)
  • you continue to suffer relapses and bad bouts of Epstein Barr symptoms (even when blood tests show negative for active Epstein Barr)
  • you have an actual diagnosed recurrence / reactivation of Epstein Barr virus (this can happen in some cases)
  • you want to make sure you are doing everything you can in recovery from Epstein Barr virus.
  • you are struggling with post viral fatigue, chronic fatigue or ME, thought to have stemmed from Epstein Barr virus, glandular fever or a similar harsh virus.


Spread via saliva,
Epstein Barr virus which can cause glandular fever, has an incubation period of up to 7 weeks. Acute glandular symptoms can persist for a few weeks but fatigue can continue and cycles of good health followed by bad bouts can occur. What can happen is that you start  to feel a bit better, push yourself too far and then get hit with symptoms again and so it goes on, in cycles.

The Epstein Barr virus that causes glandular fever or mono, is shed from the throat and contagious during the illness and up to a year plus, after the infection. After the initial infection, EBV remains in the body, mainly in white blood cells, for life (so in that way it is typical of the herpes family of viruses). However, the virus can become dormant and later reactivate and be shed from the throat again.

Nobody is really sure how long someone remains contagious but it is thought that in some cases this may be many months. The battery of tests for Epstein Barr Virus can be useful to perform if glandular fever symptoms are there, but other results for glandular fever (namely the monospot test) remain negative. This battery of tests will show whether in fact you have had EBV in the past (at some point) and may help attribute the symptoms and fatigue to a past occurence of which may have left you with on-going post viral glandular fever / EBV troubles. Send enquiry to Epstein Barr virus / Glandular Fever Help Services if you would like practical help /direction in managing your health / energies with this type of unexplained but possible Epstein Barr virus / glandular fever related trouble.

If the fatigue continues, the scenario is often reffered to as post viral fatigue syndrome (PVFS) or chronic fatigue (CFS). If fatigue and symptoms persist for more than 6 months after the acute glandular fever, it can be referred to as M.E. (
Myalgic Encephalopathy).
Gina Burton who runs her epstei barr virus / glandular fever help service feels that the term ME is very unhelpful to those continuing with troubles after glandular fever, so prefers to refer to this health scenario as "on-going post glandular fever / EBV  syndrome". On-going post glandular fever troubles can and do occur in a number of cases. The EBV / glandular fever help services link is a very useful one if this is your problem. It offers a service to support and advise you, as you try and get back on track again by offering lots of practical recommendations to impliment, concentrating on foods and specific nutrient/herbal complexes which would be conducive to supporting a sluggish body, alongside all sorts of other bits of advice to set you on your way. These recommendations will begin to help you learn how to manage your health and energy levels as effectively as possible.


Acute glandular fever / EBV symptoms:

  • swollen ulcerated tonsils (white blobs on the tonsils)
  • sore throat
  • enlarged spleen
  • elevated liver enzymes, mild liver damage, sometimes leading to jaundice or hepatitis
  • high fever
  • excessive fatigue
  • enlarged lymp glands in the armpits,  neck and groin

Most of the acute glandular fever symptoms disappear after a few weeks.
Rest for at least a month is ideal. 
Symptoms can continue, on an off, for a few months, but in some cases much longer.
In a number of cases, 100% health and energy levels are not regained afterwards. From Gina Burton's experience (who runs Glandular Fever Help Services) it seems that on-going troubles tend to persist in those glandular fever cases which were either: particulalry harsh; had some sort of liver involvement during the acute illness; where no time was taken off from work during the acute phase and where the body was pushed too far, too early on in recovery.

On-going glandular fever / EBV symptoms (glandular fever recurrence, glandular fever relapse, glandular fever and chronic fatigue, glandular fever and post viral fatigue):
  • fatigue not satisfied by sleep. 
  • recurrent tonsillitis
  • chronic sore throat and swollen lymp glands in the neck. 
  • aches and pains in the limbs. 
  • brain fag - not being able to find the right words.
  • lack of concentration
  • depression (feeling very low)
  • deep lethargy
  • not being able to stand lots of noise, people or strong smells (perfume, cleaning materials etc.) .
  • not feeling all there
  • digestive inbalance - bloating and pain often cited in lower abdomen.

The level of energy can fluctuates so that a few good days and weeks may be followed by energy slumps, fatigue, and bad bouts of glandular fever symptoms.  Delayed reaction fatigue is very common in these cases where exercise, excitement and/or stress brings on the extreme fatigue a few days after the event. Glandular Fever relapse can occur when bad bouts of all the old symptoms can strike, leaving the body struggling to get back to where it was. Actual diagnosed glandular fever recurrence is not unknown, but often the symptoms return along with the heavy fatigue but without a new positive diagnosis. If these sort of troubles continue it is referred to as post viral fatigue syndrome. If the fatigue continues it can be referred to chronic fatigue. If you would like some practical help and direction with the management of these types of ongoing glandular fever troubles, then do send a message to glandular fever help services and Gina will see if she can be of practical assistance.

Many young sports people suffer with glandular fever and struggle afterwards. It can be incredibly frustrating if you are keen to return to your training but it is important to slowly get back in to it as troubles can greatly worsen if the body is put under too much physcial stress too early on in recovery. Many people coming through to Gina Burton's Glandular Fever Help Services have a sports and training background - over 85% of help enquiries actually. If you would like some practical help and direction with the management of these types of ongoing glandular fever troubles alongside your sport, then do send a message to glandular fever help services and Gina will see if she can be of practical assistance. As well as being a trained nutritional therapist specialising in helping those suffering post glandular fever, she has a bachelor degree in Sports Science and is also a keen sportsperson herself (so understands both the frustartions but also the implications of overdoing it physically).

glandular fever treatmentclick here to send a summary of your Epstein Barr Virus / glandular fever health history for initial comments 

EBV Treatment and EBV / Glandular Fever Help

Unlike claims to the contrary, there are no miracle quick fix treatment cures for chronic glandular fever (on-going glandular fever post viral tiredness problems). The support and advice service (Glandular Fever Help / EBV Services) is run by Gina Burton. She tries to help as many people as possible with the trials and tribulations of glandular fever recovery and the symptoms which can hang around afterwards.

A new service has been trialling for a year, so more people can receive Gina's advice and recommendations. In the old system Gina charged fully for her time.


After sending a summary of your glandular fever history (click here to do this), Gina will reply with some initial comments. If you are then interested in pursuing her help she will send you further comments and then some further health/symptom/energy/eating questions to complete.
On checking through and assessing your information, Gina will then begin to complile a comprehensive set of eating recomendations alongside a document of personalised comments and pointers, other protocols as appropriate (often put together with extra back-up support from an immune specialist clinical herbalist where needed). She will then leave you to start working on changes but checking in with you at various points over the following 9 months and offering follow up recommendations as you go. This is all part of her service.
Gina does not charge fully for this service (for her thinking time, initial e-mails, putting comprehensive and personalised recomendations and protocols together over a couple of days, follow up e-mails and on-going advice over the 9 month period). A minimum of 10-15 hours is usually ploughed in to each case.
She does ask for a one-off donation of 100 to help keep her Help Service going however (with concesssionary donation levels set at 80).

if you want to read more go to http://www.glandularfever.me

 http://www.glandularfever.me.uk/glandular_feverClick here if you would like to send Gina a summary of your glandular fever history, for her initial comments

Gina has helped over 1500 EBV / glandular fever sufferers all over the world, since she started her Glandular Fever Help Services in 1998.

She has a great empathy with the frustrating situation you find yourself in, having gone through it all herself. She has always been a very keen sportsperson and therefore understands the frustrations suffered by many people who struggle with this illness and struggle to get back to their old levels of activity. It is very common for young, bright and talented sports competitors to come down with glandular fever. However over the last few years many older people have come through to Gina for advice. As well as studying and qualifying as a nutritional therapist (originally to see if she could start to help herself with post glandular fever toubles) and having a good knowledge of other complimentary therapies, Gina has a bachelor honours degree in sports science.

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